Frank the video!

Here’s a little video from youtube of Seamus the dog and me playing the accordion very badly. Also just like method acting, I needed to experience what it would be like to run around like an idiot flapping my arms, just like the subjects in my paintings at that time.

I don’t paint so many flying people these days as I get far too many strange looks.

this is from a few years ago now and Seamus doesn’t leap around so much now.

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Myself as the model

Commission for GordonGordon's commission


It’s hard finding a model these days! Also I’m impatient so I just set up the camera and take a photo of myself. Poses like these are essential to capture not only the hand position but also how clothing will crease and fold. Although of course in the actual painting he’s wearing a sweater!


This features my beautiful wife Trudi. She’s holding a Martin Margiela snowglobe we bought from the Plume store in Dunedin. It’s actual size! In the snowglobe is Stella the labrador, now in doggy heaven. Treasure

A Pictorial map of the South

imageI love maps. Always have. So when I saw there was an exhibition called “life in the South” i thought “map” so i drew a map. Coloured it in. Drew lots of pictures. Took me ages but it was such a great way to pass the time. Two months to be exact.

Jo Simmonds commission





A recently completed commission for a work colleague, Jo.

As soon as she started talking about a portrait I had this idea in my mind. And she was totally on board so I ran with it. It could have been busier but I had to move on to other things.