The Illustrated Dunedin City Map…Tea towel!

Yes, souvenir alert. The Illustrated Dunedin City Map is now available on a 100% linen tea towel. Of course I’m going to say they look great but honestly, they look great! These are screen printed by those creative denizens of “The Print Room” right here in Dunedin ( )

These are NZ$25 each and can be sent anywhere in the world. Just contact me through this site.

Coming soon…..The T shirt!

I’m not kidding. 

Maps, maps, maps

I love the Illustrated Dunedin map. It’s now available at the Dunedin i site (information centre in the Octagon) and at the University bookshop. I plan to do another map, like this one but covering the university area. Then I’ll do the Otago Peninsula and then who knows. It’s an obsession. Meanwhile I’m sending the large poster size maps all over the world! I’ve gone through a lot of cardboard tubes. 

Here’s what it looks like on the wall, at our house anyway!

Botanical show at De Novo

So this is my….umpteenth show with the amazing team at Gallery de Novo. A botanical theme, yes. Some paintings feature the theme more than others. My favourite has to be “War of the Roses”. It’s a nod to Bruegel, Bosch maybe even Hogarth. It’s busy, a bit funny and there are dogs in there. So yes they’re having a battle. But with roses….right? Visually it turned out quite nice, with the distinct red and white halves. I had a go at repeating the image over and over, with smaller sizes, to make a chequred pattern. Might make it into wallpaper one day. 

Arts Festival brochure cover

This year I was given the opportunity to design the cover for the Arts Festival Dunedin. What a honour! I was asked to incorporate the colours of the festival…the red that you see, but also just to capture the spirit of the event. What better way to do this I thought than to get some flying people in there, with that ambient evening light. I was pleased with it anyway. It was so cool to see the image on posters everywhere, on the backs of buses and HUGE billboards. Amazing. 

Gallery de Novo



"Happy and Joy" in the gallery window.Just wanted to get a plug in for Gallery de Novo. They’re on Lower Stuart street in Dunedin, New Zealand. Been with these guys for 10 years! They’ve looked after me and my paintings very well over the years and I am hoping to still be selling work with these guys in another 10.

A giant colouring in book

...and here is the finished work on the law firm wall!

…and here is the finished work on the law firm wall!

Now this was something different. I was asked to produce a large street scene drawing in monochrome comprising of 4 large panels. These would then be taken to a venue where they would be “coloured in” by the clients – a local law firm. The venue was a huge, old warehouse that was to be renovated and would eventually become the new premises for the law firm. The painting of the panels would take place at an event where I would give instructions to each team (each team had a panel to paint) and then at the end of the evening the panels would be brought together as one huge painting. It was really interesting (and a bit nerve wracking) watching everyone AVOID coming over to start painting! Although there was quite a bit of delicious food and wine and beer to be had so who can blame them. But then suddenly everyone came over to where I was en masse and just got into it! Then it took off, with some people having a bit of fun splashing paint around and some being very careful with their colours.

The finished work was then taken to the law firm and hung on their wall. imageVogel 2 mainVogel drawing 1 mainLawyers 3 mainLawyers 2 mainLawyers mainVogel complete main

Chorus cabinet…street art!

Recently I was given the opportunity to paint one of the many green Chorus boxes in Dunedin. I guess they are what you might call “telephone exchange” boxes or something like that. Although that sounds really old fashioned. Anyway, they’re all over the place and Chorus asked for artists to come forward with their ideas.

The actual painting was quite challenging for a few reasons. For one I had to use “Lumbersider” paint which is essentially fast drying enamel. This was problematic for me as I am used to working with oils which take ages to dry and are therefore able to be blended, smudged and manipulated at your leisure! With the Chorus box there was to be no blending! Well I could if I worked extremely quickly. The benefit of course was that I could get the job done reasonably quickly. I did get sun burned the first day though.

The other challenge was that of course I was in the public eye the whole time and couldn’t just reveal a painting when I was happy with it. Although I must say I didn’t receive anything other than praise for the work, even in the early “messy” stages. It was truly wonderful to work in the community there and chat to the neighbours. So thank you residents of Lynn street!

The model for the painting was my good wife Trudi. Chorus front mainChorus side two mainChorus side main