A giant colouring in book

...and here is the finished work on the law firm wall!

…and here is the finished work on the law firm wall!

Now this was something different. I was asked to produce a large street scene drawing in monochrome comprising of 4 large panels. These would then be taken to a venue where they would be “coloured in” by the clients – a local law firm. The venue was a huge, old warehouse that was to be renovated and would eventually become the new premises for the law firm. The painting of the panels would take place at an event where I would give instructions to each team (each team had a panel to paint) and then at the end of the evening the panels would be brought together as one huge painting. It was really interesting (and a bit nerve wracking) watching everyone AVOID coming over to start painting! Although there was quite a bit of delicious food and wine and beer to be had so who can blame them. But then suddenly everyone came over to where I was en masse and just got into it! Then it took off, with some people having a bit of fun splashing paint around and some being very careful with their colours.

The finished work was then taken to the law firm and hung on their wall. imageVogel 2 mainVogel drawing 1 mainLawyers 3 mainLawyers 2 mainLawyers mainVogel complete main

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