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Illustrated Map Tea Towels…The Fantastic Four!

Why have one when you can have all four? Now available, the University/North end, The Otago Peninsula, […]

The Otago Peninsula Illustrated Map

So there’s a little pocket version of this, the latest in a series of illustrated maps and […]

In the Garden in Summer

Another busy little scene. Lots to look at and of course birds and dogs.  

The Map….the Tea Towel

The illustrated Dunedin City map now available in 100% linen. Check out the blog post below for […]

The Illustrated Dunedin City map…for your wall

This is a large format copy of the map – 84cm x 60cm approximately. Just the street […]

The Illustrated Dunedin City map

The Illustrated Dunedin City map. Great for ….use as an actual map! But it’s fun to look […]


Another small work for the Gallery de Novo 10th birthday show. I seem to be painting more […]

Happy and Joy

This is a larger piece for Gallery de Novo’s 10th birthday show. “Happy” refers to the dog […]


Some of the small round paintings from the christmas circle shows at gallery de novo over the […]

My story in Pictures

Here is an abridged account of how I ended up painting here in Dunedin. It could have […]

Oldies but goodies

Here’s a selection of early works, from around 2003 onwards. In some ways I can see how […]


Some commissions I’ve done over the years. These keep me busy.

A feast for fish and swallows

Currently at Gallery de Novo

The Banana Boat Incident

Got the idea for this painting from a friend of ours, Justine who told us an old […]

Saints show

These are images from a show I did in 2010. I had the idea of a saints […]


I’m going to just stick all manner of drawings in here. From rough sketches to finished drawings.

Enemy of the state

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova. World’s most photogenic prisoner.

Tam O’ Shanter

This is my take on a scene from the Burns poem “Tam O’ Shanter”, an absolute rip […]

Every tree tells a story

This painting was part of a show with the theme “macarocarpas” .  Meaning of course the Macarocarpa […]

Best in show

So the idea is that she has an oversized pet NZ pigeon that she has entered into […]

The Shipbuilders

I love this painting. Reminds me of my dad. That’s the Finnieston crane in the distance. I […]

The lost Takahe

Here is the Takahe, once thought extinct. Then rediscovered in the 1950s in Fiordland.


This painting started with a trip to the Otago Settlers museum in Dunedin.  They have a huge […]



Probably inspired by a character from the Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel “Love in the time of Cholera” […]

Night shift Owl

Another little circle painting for the “a round christmas” show at Gallery de Novo. He has a […]

For the love of the well oiled machine

This painting was part of a special art auction to raise funds for the gasworks museum in […]

The Gale

The servants’ ball

Another Oamaru Victorian fete inspired painting and executed in the days when I just made  things up […]

Chip shop cat fight

This is another old one. Back then I didn’t bother too much about life modelling. I was […]

The Oamaru Victorian Fete

You need to check this out if you are ever in Oamaru. The festival I mean, not […]

Our Daily Bread

I’m just realising I paint a lot of food related paintings. Ah well, why not. I guess […]

Lady Macbeth

…as a malevolent bird with the “Thane of Cawdor” safely tucked under her wing. This image is […]

Saint Francis and the birds

Yes, another saint Francis. And probably not the last. This one was a housewarming gift for a […]

Water Birds

When I was painting lots of flying people….and birds. They still pop up now and again. (Sold)

Robert the Bruce

A very much stylised depiction of one of Scotland’s national heroes. (Sold)

Offerings for Otago

This was part of an “early settler” heritage exhibition here in Dunedin. A bundle of figures stumbling […]

A Fisherman’s tale.

This started out as an idea of a couple of male figures in a shed or bothy […]

The goose girl and the fox

Can you see the fox? Yep, there she is! (Sold)

Isobel Gowdie

She’s a favourite subject of mine. I’ve painted her a few times now. Also, there’s a great […]

Saint Francis

Saint Francis on his owl. Yes, he had an owl ok?! (Sold)
Frank Gordon | New Zealand Artist

Frank Gordon |
New Zealand Artist

I was born in Glasgow on the 26th November 1967.

I grew up on the outskirts of Glasgow in a village called Moodiesburn where there wasn’t much to do. So i drew pictures. I’ve been doing that ever since. I used to draw on any piece of paper I could find. I even tore open LP covers to draw on the inside. I still do that too. Apart from ripping open LP covers.

I started painting seriously when I came to Dunedin in 2000.

There’s such a strong creative community here. It inspires and influences me.

Whilst trying to find my own “style” I tended towards painting people in often a very stylised way and often doing things you wouldn’t expect, like flying. I like to incorporate Dunedin’s landscape too.

I guess I have many other influences…Bruegel, Bosch, Peter Howson, Herge, Michael Smither and many others.